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Welcome, - or just KBX - a site dedicated to make you a better kitesurfer. And it's not just for pros. Beginner, freeride, newschool, oldschool, wakestyle, waveriding, course race, snow and land kiteboarders will all be better with the right training. This site will teach you how to become a stronger and more powerful kitesurfer at your level. This is the site, you can't live without if you want to progress.

Kiteboarding exercises is all about core strength and kiteboard specific functional training.

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Kiteboarding Training Guide V3

Kiteboarding Exercises now brings you The Complete Kiteboarding Training Guide V3 - for free!

Kiteboarding Exercises now brings you the Complete Kiteboarding Training Guide - download for free!


KBX Stretching Program

This is a stretching program specifically for kiteboarders that will lower your risk of injury and it will make your more flexible for doing grabs and kiteboarding tricks. With other word; it will make your moves more stylish.

Kiteboarding stretching program - get more flexibla - greater flexibility

Pro Interviews

Pro Kiteboarder interviews from Kiteboarding Exercises- training and fitness for kitesurfingKiteboarding Exercises now brings you a series of interviews with professional kiteboarders from around the globe.

Build Gym at Home

kiteboard workout kitesurf fitness

Build your own gym at home, so you can do all the great exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Kiteboarding and Nutrition

Kiteboarding is a demanding sportKiteboarding is a demanding sport and what you eat will determent how you perform as a kiteboarder. Nutrition is the fuel that keeps the engine burning, and if you don't eat right, your performance will be weaker.

Rehab, Injuries and Kiteboarding

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_injuries_injury_knee_shoulderThis section of KBX will teach you about injuries from kiteboarding or how to avoid an injury from kitesurfing. Especially elbow, shoulder, knee and ankles. But also your lower back.

Blog Session / Injury / Workout

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_blog_blogging_training_workout_session_yourThe best thing you can do for yourself, is blogging your training, nutrition, sessions or your rehab from an injury. Your workouts or diet could be an inspiration for others, but more important, it can be a great motivator for you, and you can get feedback on your blog others.

KiteSpots in EU

Click on your country to see, how many kiteboarders are at your local spot.

What is functional training?

It can be very simple, but yet so complicated. I'll try to make it very short and rather simple...

Unhooked kiteloopLet's start off with an example. The knee. Kiteboarders think it's very important to have strong knees, and I get asked about this a lot.

How to Get Started

It can be difficult to get started, if you don't have any experience in a gym. So here are some guidelines for getting started with kiteboarding exercises.

Physiology of Kiteboarding

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_physiologyWhat is your body doing, when you're kiteboarding? Where does the power for a great pop come from? KBX clarifies the subject for you in this article...

Find your Kitesurfing Fitness Program


Kiteboarding is a very demanding sport, which requires great core strength and coordination. All training programs on KBX contains (hard)core training combined with specific kiteboard functional training, which gives great results for all kiteboarders on all levels in matters of performing and preventing injuries.

Right here you can find the training program that suits your riding level and style.

Technique Section - Rehab & Prehab

Photot_kiteboarding_exercises_jump_squat_technique_rehab_prehabThis section of KBX is about technique, rehab and prehab. Some of the exercises on this site extremely difficult or has a high risk of injury. If you prepare your self by reading this tech section, you can minimize the risk of getting injured.

KBX Community Groups

Join others of your kind. Wave riders, freestylers, snowkiters, wakeskaters, landkiters, etc. Find your group here, click to se all groups. You can also make your own group and start the new cool thang...

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