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New KBX iPhone/iPad app!


Kiteboarding exercises app for iphone and ipad

Get the new app here, click


The KBX Iphone and iPad app is ready. Get it here, click

It only works with IOS7

The old one should still work with ealier operating systems...


Kiteboarding Exercises have an iPhone and iPad app available on iTunes now! Download it for a couple of bucks. It's the perfect smartphone app to bring to the gym. You'll have all the training programs with videos right at your hands. The perfect fitness workout application for kitesurfing.


It's version 2.0, which covers the basics from KBX. It will evolve and we have cool plans for it...

kiteboarding exercises iphone and ipad app








This is version 1.0 app for iPhone...

KBX iPhone available on iTunes



Check out how to do all the exercise here, click.

An get the complete kiteboarding training guide here for free, click!



photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress


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