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Kristin Boese Program


Kristin Boese Fitness Training Program - Wave riding kiteboardingKristin is traveling all the time and need a training program that will fit in to her lifestyle. She has also had some trouble with her ankles, so this is also a focus point in her program. She is mostly in to strapless wave riding and would like to have a more aggressive style. For this we need strength in the legs and her core. So KBX developed this program for her. She also does some racing, so over all endurance is pretty important too. That’s why we do this as circuit training. This program will give Kristin powerful cutbacks and endurance. She is busy girl, so the program is designed to be tough even though, it takes less than 30 minutes. These exercises are modified a bit from the original to fit especially for Kristin's lifestyle. She lives out of her suitcase, so she doesn't have a gym at her disposal. That is way this program can be done anywhere, with just a few things that she always have with her.

Download Kristin Boese's Fitness Training program hereThe number 1 exercises are one small circuit. 2 belong together and 3 belong together. Do the exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and then do the next exercise. Repeat this circuit four times. You can rest up to 2 minutes between circuits. Be sure to be proper warm before starting this program. It would be a good idea to do some running for about 10 minutes before starting.


1. Compass Lounges - Do lunges in all directions. Start with right leg going straight (North). Then go NW, W, SW (backwards) S. Change leg and start with N, then NE, E, SE, S. Remember to press explosively through your heels. Watch video of a basic lunge here, watch a video (0.40min), were this special lunge is featured along with other rehab exercises.

1. Renegade Rows - Make sure you don’t rotate. Just tighten your whole body. For variation you can do sit ups in between. Pull arm up and then stretch out to the side. To make this exercise more challenging, even though you don't have any weights, use can use a big bottle of water, a small plastic bag with sand, a stone, wood, etc. Watch video here of a basic renegade row here.

2. Speed-skating Jumps - This is all about balance and power. Jump as far as you can from one leg to another while you through the weight in the same direction. Jump with your kiteboard or a stone, small sandbag. For Kristin it's very important that she starts of with smaller jumps. This will make her ankle more stable and make it strong enough to start doing some serious jumps for explosive cutbacks. Watch video here.

2. Step Over Push Up - Instead of a medicine ball you can use a kite bag or something in that size. Do push up as explosively as you can. It’s good to get some airtime. Video is missing and will be here soon

3. Woodchop with board - Tighten your core. Hold your kiteboard or something heavier in front of you, and swing it from your knees up over your head on the other side. Keep your back straight all through the exercise. Watch video here of a basic kiteboarding woodchop here.

3. Roll Out (walk out) - Sit on your knees and keep your hip totally straight. Really tighten your abs and your glute to avoid back pain. Then just “walk” with your hands as far as possible and go back again. Watch video here of a basic roll out here.


When this program is no longer challenging, she will add some more exercises, so she'll be doing 4 small circuits. This could be a Russian Twist with the kiteboard and a Jump Squat.





Why is training important for kiteboarders?

Well, regardless if you do hooked or unhooked freestyle, it's all about rotations and powerful movements. On the water there are too many uncontrolled factors, that will make your "workout" for your muscles less effective, than in the gym. In the gym you can concentrate on a specific muscle chain or a specific movement. In the gym you make these more powerful, which will give you more power in your trix on the water. Do you want to rotate faster? Pop higher? Pass faster? Go to the gym..

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress


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