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John Perry Program


Andy Yates' Training Fitness Program hereJohn Perry Kiteboarding AirushJohn Perry is an international team rider for Airush. He is a young talent shredding up in the kite world. His ambition is to become the best of the best. He has a little weak knees and would like to be able handle more power in passes and rotate faster. So we've made this program to focus on his physical condition and goals.

KBX loves his ambition and will to progress. That's why we have made a special deal with him, so we'll help him achieve his goals. We'll help him as much as we can with training and nutrition.

This workout program is pretty tough and 1-2 minutes of resting in between sets is okay. Keep it closer to 1 minute, if you can.



Compass lunges with dumbbells - Do lunges in a circle. Keep weight on your heels at all time. Don’t push with your toes. Instead of dumbbells you can hold a heavy disc above your head for higher difficulty and core training. Watch video here, at 0.40min.

Leg curl with swizz ball- No, this is not a hip raise! Hips have to be completely straight through the exercise and you only bend your knees. It's not completely the same as the general understanding of a hip raise. Keep your back and your hips straight at all times. Pull the ball up underneath you, by bending your knees. Do it slowly. If you can do more than 12 reps, you should do it one leg at a time . Watch video here, at 0.56min or the one legged version at 1.37min.

Half pass - Get your hips up to your hands. Don’t straighten your arms all the way. Do it as explosively as possible and slowly down. Watch video here.

One arm chest press back on ball - Make sure you keep your hips up and don't rotate them. Use your entire body to with stand the rotational force of the weights. You can also do this on a bench, if you can't get a ball. Just make sure you only have support on your shoulder blades. Watch video here.

Woodchop - Note, this is not a traditional woodchop. Tighten your core. Grab the cable up high and pull fast down below your hip. Keep your knees from moving, but rotate with your entire body. Keep your back straight all through the exercise. Watch video here of a basic kiteboarding woodchop here.

Roll Out - Sit on your knees and keep your hips totally straight during the exercise. Really tighten your abs and your glutes to avoid back pain! Roll out slowly and pull back in as fast as possible. Use a roller, two dumbbells or a barbell with discs. Watch video here.

Roll Around - Straighten your entire body and hold the disc out above your head. Roll two times to one side and then back again. Do it as fast as possible. Initiate the rotation by looking over your shoulder as you do when kiteboarding. Watch video here.

Standing Russian Twist - Hold your kiteboard out in front of you. Twist as fast as you can without using full ROM (range of motion) of your spine. This means that you shouldn't twist as far as your spine allows you to. Explosively twist the other way just before reaching your full ROM. Keep looking forward. Video is missing and will be here soon.

John Perry Kiteboarding Airush


Why is training important for kiteboarders?

Well, regardless if you do hooked or unhooked freestyle, it's all about rotations and powerful movements. On the water there are too many uncontrolled factors, that will make your "workout" for your muscles less effective, than in the gym. In the gym you can concentrate on a specific muscle chain or a specific movement. In the gym you make these more powerful, which will give you more power in your trix on the water. Do you want to rotate faster? Pop higher? Pass faster? Go to the gym..

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress


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