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photo_kiteboarding_exercises_blog_blogging_training_workout_session_yourThe best thing you can do for yourself, is blogging your training, nutrition, sessions or your rehab from an injury. Your workouts or diet could be an inspiration for others, but more important, it can be a great motivator for you, and you can get feedback on your blog others.

Another important reason why you should blog your workouts, sessions, diet and your rehab, is, that you can always go back and check your progression. Or even more relevant, your lack of progression. Because, if you don't progress, your doing something wrong. After training for a while (1-3 months), you'll hit a plateau if you don't make variations in your fitness program. A blog is the best way to get an overview of your training and avoid those plateaus.

If you blog your rehab from an injury, others can be inspired to go the extra mile and come back strong after surgery and rehab. It can be very hard psychologically to get back on the board after a serious injury. But this blog can help and inspire others to come back strong.


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