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Kiteboarding is a very demanding sport, which requires great core strength and coordination. All the training programs on KBX contains (hard)core training combined with specific kiteboard functional training, which will give great results for all kiteboarders on all levels in matter of performing and avoiding injuries.

This part of KBX is for kitesurfers that don't need explosive movements to do trix, but is more in need of stamina, core strength and just becoming stronger and more fit. Really great for kitesurfers that likes course racing or kiteboarders doing low powered tricks like beginners often do.

Let us look at, what course racers need and what beginners need. Are they doing any fast rotations, powerful pops, hard landings? No... They need great stamina overall and especially legs, abs, upper back and arms. Working out is a great way to get more stamina. Especially during low season (or just 4-6 days with no wind), you can still progress and get stronger. If you don't work out, you'll take two steps backwards during low wind periods. If you don't have enough stamina, you'll get tired faster and that will make you loose your concentration and "feel" of the kite and board, which make you slower in the end.

Basically working out can't really make you a better course racer. You only get more endurance. But when there is no wind, and you're not working out, you'll be a little bit worse at racing every day.

For beginners this is all about building up the right shape and strong core to become a good kitesurfer.

Basic Kiteboarding Fitness Program, Download click hereDownload Fitness Program Here

This is a basic program meaning, you should keep adding new things. Not necessarily more exercises, but variations. New exercises. Check out the video section for inspiration.

Good exercises to add could be:

  • One Arm Chest Press- back on ball (core, chest and triceps)
  • Roll out (core chest and back)  

Why is training important for kiteboarders?

Well, regardless if you do hooked or unhooked freestyle, it's all about rotations and powerful movements. On the water there are too many uncontrolled factors, that will make your "workout" for your muscles less effective, than in the gym. In the gym you can concentrate on a specific muscle chain or a specific movement. In the gym you make these more powerful, which will give you more power in your trix on the water. Do you want to rotate faster? Pop higher? Pass faster? Go to the gym...

Be cautioned; if you do some of these exercises wrong, you have a high risk of getting an injury. If you're not sure of your physical state or the techniques, you should consult a fitness professional, physiotherapist or a doctor.

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress

On this site you'll find:

...and a lot more! - Power 2 Progress


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