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Kiteboarding is a very demanding sport, which requires great core strength and coordination. All the training programs on KBX contains (hard)core training combined with specific kiteboard functional training, which will give great results for all kiteboarders on all levels in matter of performing and avoiding injuries.

This part of KBX is for kitesurfers that are really in to newschool freestyle, wakestyle or unhooked waveriding kiteboarding. If popping high, fast handle passes, fast rotations is your thing, then you should place your self in this category.

Freeriders that do both oldschool trix and newschool trix should also follow these guidelines together with some oldschool exercises.

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Start with a 10min run for warm up

  1. Speed Skating Jumps (see video)
  2. Kettle Bell Swings (see video)
  3. Renegade Rows (see video)
  4. One Arm Chest Press on Ball (see video)
  5. Half Pass (see video)
  6. Roll Out (see video)
  7. Roll Around (see video)
  8. Cable Pass (see video)

Good variations could be "3D Box Jumps", "Length Box Jumps", "Advanced Roll Out", "Walking Lunges"

Why is training important for kiteboarders?

Kiteboarding ExercisesWell, regardless if you do hooked or unhooked freestyle, it's all about rotations and powerful movements. On the water there are too many uncontrolled factors, that will make your "workout" for your muscles less effective, than in the gym. In the gym you can concentrate on a specific muscle chain or a specific movement. In the gym you make these more powerful, which will give you more power in your trix on the water. Do you want to rotate faster? Pop higher? Pass faster? Go to the gym...

Be cautioned; if you do some of these exercises wrong, you have a high risk of getting an injury. If you're not sure of your physical state or the techniques, you should consult a fitness professional, physiotherapist or a doctor.

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On this site you'll find:

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