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About the author - My name is Lars Jørgensen and I've been working with personal training since 2004 and been working in the fitness industry since 2002. My speciality is rehab, posture and sports specific training. I have a bachelor in nutrition & health and a lot of smaller educations in training physiology. I've been a manager for personal trainers since 2008 and I educate personal trainers in sales, physiology, nutrition, dynamic mobilization and coaching in both Denmark and Sweden. I wanted to make this site since 2009, because there is a great need for it in this sport. I never met a kiteboarder that knew how to train properly. Great kiteboarders are great athletes. And to become a great athlete, you have to train like an athlete. So, here you go... And if you need help, just contact me or use the forum. - or just KBX - a site dedicated to make you a better kitesurfer. And it's not just for pros. Beginner, waveriding, course racing, wakeskate, wakestyle, snowkiting, freeriders, newschool and oldschool freestyle. All will be better kitesurfers with the right training. This site will teach you how to become a stronger and more powerful kiteboarder at your level. This is the site, you can't live without if you want to progress.

I often get asked, why I do this for free. It's simple; I love kiteboarding and want to see it evolve and progress in a safe way through functional training. in all other sports pro athletes have highly developed sport specific functional training beside the actual sports training. Pro athletes have strictly planned training planned out for the next 6-18 months with several resting periods and different intensity in the exercises depending on, when the next completions are. Athletes do this to be at their best at competitions and to minimize risk of injury. And to progress of course! More pros in kiteboarding have opened their eyes for functional training as a way to progress and it's slowly spreading out in the community, but we're are still way behind other sports. And this is probably the main reason, why many injuries happens.

Fail to plan, is planning to fail. It's a cliché, but it's really that simple!

And it's not just for pros; Anyone who wants to progress and lower the risk of injury, should focus more on training and planning.




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On this site you'll find:



Thanks to all the people that have help making this site a succes

  • Lars Kristensen, Personal Trainer at SATS 
  • Bjørn Waida, Personal Trainer at SATS 
  • Githa Dieckmann Larsen, Personal Trainer
  • Sarah Ellis, - Special consultant regarding injuries
  • for using the training facilities to shoot some videos
  • Asger G from - For letting me use the "watch"-sequence for my trailer




Thanks to all of you...

Best regards

Lars Jørgensen, Personal Trainer, Kiteboarder, Administrator







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photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress


On this site you'll find:


...and a lot more!


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