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Kiteboarding is a very demanding sport, which requires great core strength and coordination. All the training programs on KBX contains (hard)core training combined with specific kiteboard functional training, which will give great results for all kiteboarders on all levels in matter of performing and avoiding injuries.

This a strength training workout for waveriders. Waveriders basicly need the same thing as freestyle kiteboarders, but in waveriding it's all about cut backs and freestyle is more about pop and rotate. If you break it down, you'll that the movements to make great looking vertical cutback is the same as doing really fast rotations. It's both a explosive spiral monvement throughout the entire body. By doing the right exercises between those big wave sessions, you can get a lot closer to do those perfect cutbacks just like Felix Pivec or other great waveriders. Booth regular and goofy...

This workout program is both for hooked and unhooked kitesurfers...

Download Fitness ProgramWave Kiteboarding Fitness Program, Click to Download

Thorough warm up - Ex. 10 minutes of running and some arm-swings

  1. Walking Lunges with Twist (see video)
  2. Kettle Bell Swings (see video)
  3. Standing Row (see video)
  4. One Arm Chest Press on Ball (see video)
  5. Step Over Push Up (full power) (see video)
  6. Kiteboarding Woodchop (Low Pull) (see video)
  7. Hanging Reverse Twist (also good for UH waveriding) (see video)

All exercises, except Kettle Bell Swings, have a rotation or anti-rotation (same muscular recruitment). Do the exercises with full power. Do them as explosive as possible. This will give you so much more power on the water, and you'll be making the coolest and most vertical cutbacks on your spot.

Be cautioned; if you do some of these exercises wrong, you have a high risk of getting an injury. If you're not sure of your physical state or the techniques, you should consult a fitness professional, physiotherapist or a doctor.

photo_kiteboarding_exercises_fitness_workout_injuries_injury_more_power - Power 2 Progress

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