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Build Gym at Home


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Build your own gym at home, so you can do all the great exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Most kiteboarders I know don't kitesurf the entire year. Often because it gets too cold during winter or they love in parts of the world with a very low wind season. It's very important to stay in shape during these periods. If you're smart, you can use these periods to become a better "kiteboarder". Meaning building up your physical shape, so you'll start the surf season more powerful than you ended the last season. This will reduce risk of injury and you'll be able to go out on the water and perform your best right away. The best way to do this is by going to the gym and use the KBX fitness programs suited for your style of riding. But it's not every one who has the time or the motivation to go to the gym.

Some will start running instead. Or play tennis, play squash, go swimming etc. This is all very good training for building up a good general fitness. But there is nothing general about kiteboarding, is there? It's like playing golf to become a better football player. It doesn't really make sense. For a true effective training that will make a difference, you have to target your training for your specific sport. Train the right movements, the right muscle chains and in the right way.

That's why KBX has come up with a small guide on how to make your own gym at home with very few cheap materials. The real gym is still the best solution, but you can get a very effective kite related workout at home by following this guide and the KBX home training program. It simple and effective! And you'll lower your risk of getting injured, when you start kiteboarding again. And of course you'll be a stronger kiteboarder than ever, giving you a great advantage for learning new tricks.

Videos on how to use this gym are coming soon...

Basically you just need a broomstick, some rope, a hook/ring, some cloth (gliders), a "kite bar", some dumbbells and some tools to put it all together. Sounds almost to easy, right? MacGyver would be proud, I know... ;0) All in all it costs about 100 dollars or 70 euros.


This is what you do

The ring for the sealing in the home gymThe ring for the sealing in the home gymStart by getting a strong ring in the sealing. It should be able to with stand at least 250kg or 550 pounds. Make sure you do this right, because you're going to be hanging from this at some point.



Make holes in the stick

Find a broomstick or something like that and cut off a small piece. About 40cm or 16 inches. This stick have to be cut in two and you have to drill 2 holes in each for the rope to go through. Like the picture shows..






robe with ring for kitesurfing fitness exericse workoutYou have to find a strong and thin robe (ask a maritime supply store). It has to be 2,5 time the length from your floor to your sealing. Divide the rob in two equal lengths. Tie a small bowline knot at one end on both ropes. One of the robes has to have ring half way down from the sealing.





Handle kiteboarding fitness exerciseThe bowline knot

To make the handles you need to put the robe through the holes and then tie a bowline knot. This way you have a great handle that wont give. Make to hang the robes down from the sealing and then adjust the handles, so that they are equal in hight.




Home gym Kiteboarding fitness exercises

bar for ktieboarding exercisesNow you well on your way to have a great gym at home. You should also get hold of some dumbbells with adjustable weight. You should also make a bar. If you don't have an old bar for a kite, you can use a broomstick again. Just make sure, you assemble it like I've done with my bar. In this way you spread the the force out on three points, so it wont break.

The purple gliders I use can be replaced by a simple dishcloth or something like that. A towel could also work just fine.

The dumbbell you have to buy. You can get these in a sports retailer for about 50 dollars or 35 euros.



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