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Glossary of the lingo used on KBX

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KBX - or just KBX - a site dedicated to make you a better kitesurfer. And it's not just for pros. Beginners, freeriders, new schoolers and old schoolers will all be better kitesurfers with the right training. This site will teach you how to become a stronger and more powerfull kiteboarder at your level. This is the site, you can't live without if you want to progress.

It's way easier learning new trix if you have the power, pop, landing skills, core stabllity and the strong arms to it. To become a great kitesurfer, you need to have a strong mind and a strong body. Tjeck out all the instruction videos and talk to other members to get tips on your training.

kyphosis lordosis

Read the article on posture. This state causes a sway back and winged scapula.

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