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Kiteboarding Exercises (43 videos, 6 subcategories)
This is where you can get power to progress all aspect of kiteboarding. Newschool, oldschool, waveriding, landboarding etc. Pop, power, rotations, cutbacks and landings is the primary focus....
Unhooked Exercises (10 videos)
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Kiteboarding Trick Guides (37 videos, 3 subcategories)
Here you can tjeck out, how to do the kiteboarding tricks on the water. Or see what the next progression should be.
Hooked Moves (17 videos)
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These exercises are for rehab and prehab. Prehab will really minimize the risk of getting injured. After rehab comes prehab. When you're done with rehab after an injury, you should begin doing prehab...
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Cool Movies (15 videos)
This is just cool kiteboard movies...
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This category is not kite related. All training is good for kiteboarding, but that doesn't mean that it's kite specific. This is just basic workouts for your everyday gym workout

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What level are you riding?

Beginner - 20%
Intermediate - 20%
Advanced - 60%
Pro - 0%

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What about you?

What style do you ride?

Wakestyle - 81.8%
Newschool - 9.1%
Oldschool - 9.1%
Freeride - 0%
Waveriding - 0%
Wakeskate - 0%
Race - 0%
Landboarding - 0%
Snowkiting - 0%
Don't care, I ride it all - 0%

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